X&Y allows the user to touch and control the power of the light. This creates a personal and tactile experience. X&Y is an exploration of colour, but more than that, it is about connection – encouraging people through interaction to choose their own desired lighting effect.


The polished brass base houses all of the technology and LED modules, making the hand-blown opal glass sphere free to move in any direction. The sturdy sphere rests on a ring of felt, meaning the user can roll the globe in any direction to determine the intensity and colour of light.


X&Y, the White / Gold edition, is entirely handmade in Berlin and produced in a strictly limited edition of 8+2AP, each individually signed and numbered. The piece was commissioned by Helmrinderknecht Gallery for my first solo exhibition.


2011 exhibited widely in Europe and Australia

Dimensions: ø500mm x 545mm high

Materials: Hand blown glass, brass, aluminium, custom electronics, LED's

Client: Helmrinderknecht gallery, Berlin & Zurich