Flynn Talbot (*1981) is an Australian lighting artist and designer based in London, UK. Talbot creates lighting installations and commissioned pieces for galleries and unique buildings along with innovative lighting products for serial production.

Talbot’s starting point is always the same for each project. He begins with the consideration of the “light effect” and constructs each project around it. Every decision and detail is made with the quality of light and user connection in mind. Talbot does not believe in being bound by style, material or form. This method creates a timeless quality and a strong point of difference in his work.



Please contact me via email info(at)flynntalbot.com





London Design Biennale, UK

London Design Festival, UK

V&A Museum, UK

Resident, New Zealand

Fabbian, Italy

Innermost, UK

Luminale festival, Germany

Istanbul Light festival, Turkey

Smart Light Sydney, Australia

D Museum, South Korea

Helmrinderknecht, Switzerland

PSAS, Australia

Como Hotels, Australia










Full Spectrum @ London Design Biennale (London, UK) SEP 2018 

Reflection Room @ V&A Museum (London, UK) SEP 2017

Freeline @ Euroluce with Fabbian (Milan, Italy) APR 2017

Echo @ ICFF with Resident (NY, USA) MAY 2016

Primary Seoul @ 9 Lights 9 rooms, D Musuem (Seoul, South Korea) DEC 2015

Primary Istanbul @ Istanbul Lighting Festival (Istanbul, Turkey) NOV 2015

Mesh Space @ ICFF with Resident (NY, USA) MAY 2015

Polair & Multispot Polair @ EuroLuce with Fabbian (Milan, Italy) APR 2015

Primary Paris @ Elephant Paname (Paris, France) MAR 2015

Primary @ PSAS (Perth, Australia) MAY 2014

Amplifier @ This is the house that Jack built Helmrinderknecht (Zurich, Switzerland) OCT 2013

Latitude @ NEST Part of DesignEx (Melbourne, Australia) MAY 2013

X&Y @ Edition 01 with Helmrinderknecht (Vienna, Austria) SEP 2012

X&Y @ Edition 21 with Helmrinderknecht (Zurich, Switzerland) FEB 2012

X&Y @ COFFA with Helmrinderknecht (Cologne, Germany) NOV 2011

X&Y @ Bombay Sapphire Award ceremony (Sydney, Australia) OCT 2011

X&Y @ Qubique with Helmrinderknecht (Berlin, Germany) OCT 2011

X&Y @ Couplicite Maison Objet (Paris, France) SEP 2011

X&Y @ This Hemisphere (Sydney, Australia) JUN 2011

X&Y @ The Other Hemisphere Ventura Lambrate (Milan, Italy) APR 2011

X&Y @ Helmrinderknecht Solo exhibition (Berlin, Germany) FEB 2011

Portal @ Luminale (Frankfurt, Germany) APR 2010

Horizon @ Luminale (Frankfurt, Germany) APR 2010

Horizon @ Tent Digital (London, UK) SEP 2009

Horizon @ Smart Light Sydney (Sydney, Australia) JUN 2009

Inspired by Cologne (Cologne, Germany) JAN 2005

Salone Satellite (Milan, Italy) APR 2004

Designers Block (London, UK) SEPT 03