I was commissioned to design a scalable lighting installation for the Como Treasury hotel in Perth. The hotel is a renovation of a historic building in the city centre which has changed the flow of the city. As my project was to be one of the jewels of the building, I looked towards the famous Western Australian pearl industry for inspiration. This is my largest permanent installation to date.


Modular pearls is a series of 6 vertical strands of brass tube with 50 luminous pearls placed along their lengths. Like a broken pearl necklace, the light elements flow down in curated clusters to allow pockets of light as required for the stair and lift void spaces. To add additional physical and conceptual depth, I sliced one portion of the pearls away and added a highly polished brass mirror disc. This allows the hotel guests to catch glimpses of themselves as they move through the interiors and offers a moment of contemplation.



Dimensions: ø250mm x 10.5m high

Materials: Brass, Stainless steel, Aluminium, hand blown opaline glass, LED's

Client: Como, The Treasury Hotel, Perth Australia