Freeline encourages new possibilities for constructing light within an interior. Inspired by utilitarian scaffolding on construction sites, I have created a system of profiles, clamps and light elements. The user is now free to compose the structure they want before they need to consider the light effect needed.


Frames of lines, grids and more dynamic configurations are simple to construct. Once the structure has been built the next step is to choose which light effect is needed. The Freeline system offers three light elements, all based on pure geometry. A sphere uses a glass diffuser for ambient light, a cylinder is a spotlight for accent lighting and a disk is an indirect light for uplighting ceilings or washing walls. Using multiples and combinations of these light elements the user can craft their perfect light.


The fine electrical cables are expressed and visible on the exterior of the system allowing easy mounting, adjustment and virtually endless graphic and functional light effects. This innovation and user connection is a consistent theme in my work.



Dimensions: Variable depending on specification

Materials: Aluminium, optical polymer, glass, LED's

Client: Fabbian, Italy